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    I turned on my 700 today and all the programs and information on the memory (SD) card was erased. Has anyone run into this before, and if so do you know what the problem may be. With the memory card erased my back-up program does not work since my backup files have been lost as well. I did a hard reset and am right now rebuilding everything from the beginning. Anyone have any ideas? It looks like I will have to carry two backup cards and back up to a second card until I can find the problem.
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    What third party apps did you have? I've never seen or encountered that before.
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    I have experienced that since my that was years ago. Probably would help to know what apps you have installed. I have a boat load and have not encountered that problem at all. For the future, I'd recommened saving your backup files to external media. I keep all my downloads, reg codes, and backups on a USB drive but also have another copy of everything on a CD that I update regularly.
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    After I did the hard reset and re-installed my first program I checked the memory card to see if the program was installed on the card and all my programs were there. It looks like the phone only saw the phone attachment file before hard resetting the phone. I tried a soft reset before the hard reset and without success. I am now recieving a voice mail message and there are no new or old voice mails since clearing my box. I am running the following programs:
    Handyswitcher, MemMaid, pocket notes, PdaNet, ptravel alarm, slingbox, Spb backup, Express, zagot to go, Pocket Travel (not fully WM5 compatable) and calendar+

    Has anyone had there phone not recognize the SD card fully and does anyone know how to get rid of the voice mail notice?
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    Search on "Storage Card2" in this forum.
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    this happened to me too but I have no storage card2 listed. I guess everything just got erased.
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    I bet if you pop it in a Card reader its still there a simialr thing happend to me i think the only way i could get around it was a hard reset, but im 99% sure your info is still on the card.
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