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    Can anyone help me out? I want to switch from my Sidekick to a better PDA phone. I am considering switching to verizon for the Treo 700w if it is worth it. If not, I am going to stick with T-Mobile and getg the blackberry 8700. Advantages? Disadvantages? The goods? The bads?

    Any insight?


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    8700 is nice but the BB BES experience was not satisfactory to me. Many of the reasons I do not want a Berry are the same reasons I don't want a POS phone. BB has virtually non existant multimedia support, there push maill solution has no "pull". You have to wait for the periodic reconciliation. I would delete mail and return to my desk several hours later and the mail was still in my box as it had not done its periodic reconciling.

    I would take a 700 over a 8700 100% of the time.
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    I am a SKII convert & I love my 700w, no going back ever - even if the SKIII is as good as it claims to be.
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    BB email attachment handling sux at best. No external storage media really bites.
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    I have both and carry both everyday... they are very different devices.

    The 700w is good if you need to run applications, use multiple types of media need GPS, want to stream XM radio, take pics, etc... I keep pharmacy, infectious disease, and clinical references on the 700w / WM5 platform.... something the 8700 cannot do.... Oh and PDAnet is GREAT for near broadband speed using your laptop and the 700w combo!!

    The 8700 is much more efficient for managing large volumes of email (like I do), syncing calendar and contacts back to a server. The 8700 handles attachments much better than the predecessors. I even prefer the web browser on the 8700 to the 700w - the pages are rendered in a much more easy to read and access manner. Through our BES the sync of email, contacts, calendar, and task lists is very efficient and is encrypted by triple DES in addition to the network traffic encryption.

    All in all, there is a reason that I carry 2 devices everyday. The shortcomings of one device are made up by the benefits in the other.
    I have to reset my 700w at least once daily and the 8700 about once per month. I holster and de-holster my 8700 nearly a hundred times a day. The 700w I use much less so, maybe 4-8 times per day. The 8700 is an excellent business communication management tool, whereas the 700w is an OK communications tool and a better application capable device.

    The only thing I feel I'm lacking is iTunes capability. We have 1000s of iTunes songs and neither of these devices has a provision for it... gives dimension to air travel, hikes, runs, attitude and hotel rooms when one has the music!!

    Let me know if you have specific questions...
    I have been a developer on MS, Palm, and RIM OSs and provide consulting on enterprise tech for large and small scale workforce.

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    i second the itunes point, i dont buy cds anymore i jus use itunes but i cant put them on my treo! its horrible its come to point where i have to DL the songs from "another source" so i can put them on my treo
    Got Treo?
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    I am looking for something that can handle e-mail very well(Sending and recieving quickly), has a great calender/datebook/reminders area, the ability to sync up with my laptop for on-the-go internet access, IM would be a plus, as well as a camera for those impromtu times...Do you have any recommendations for me? Which would be better? What will I have to give up to get the most I am looking for out of one phone?
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    BBs don't have a camera at this time.

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