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    Hi -

    For those who have started to use the 700w with the new MSFP (Mobile Messaging and Security Feature Pack) would you comment on its feasibility in an Exchange 2003 corporate environment? Do you foresee this replacing your other solutions, i.e. Blackberry, Goodlink, etc.? Just wondering if anyone has done a corporate deployment yet...

    Thanks all -
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    I have 11 and it has replaced most of our blackberries. I gave new blackberries to a couple users I have that are just plain stupid. The Blackberries are a little easier to get the hang of.

    Everybody in our office likes them even though there are a couple bugs here and there.
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    Thanks Live4 - Would you comment on the Exchange configuration? How complicated was it? Also, do the Treos require anything other than minor configuration changes and updated firmware?
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    From an enterprise standpoint we are having issue getting security to allow the server and GAL to be accessed from outside of the firewall without additional security measures in place.

    We currently use a 3rd party token supplier and VPN for outside access.
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    Much easier to deploy in a front end /back end enviroment. Then you just need SP2 and Mobile Administration Pack, check a few boxes and you are good to go. And yes we are seeing it replace BB and Good at virtually all of our clients. And this includes a major university where they will be giving the students a Cingular 8125 as well as a laptop.
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    We just deployed our first 700W in the field with no issues. We will be ramping up this device as an alternative to blackberries and the Cingular 8125 (which we re-flash with a Qtek AKU2 rom containing Cingular customizations). We let users know beforehand that if they just want email, these don't hold a candle to the 8700C yet, but if they want additional PDA functionality then the 700W/8125 becomes more desirable.
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    It's not too bad to get set up. I had to start a support case with Microsoft because our server was a little whacked.

    In short you need the following...

    Exchange 2003 SP2
    OWA published with SSL and a certificate
    OMA published with SSL and a certificate

    You can test OMA by going to

    Export your SSL certificate to a *.cer file. Import that to the treo and double click in the explorer to install it.

    Update Treo to 1.10 software from Palm
    Configure Device for Exchange Active Sync.
    Test and enjoy.
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    BTW Go Gators!! Wife & I went to school there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LIVE4SPD
    Export your SSL certificate to a *.cer file. Import that to the treo and double click in the explorer to install it.
    ...or do yourself a BIG favor and obtain a cert from one of the pre-installed root cert providers....I see way to many issues with people trying to issue their own certs...and for a large deployment (IMHO) its not really feasable.
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    I hate you all. LOL.... My company is a Lotus Notes company and I HATE LOTUS NOTES.

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