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    I went from having zero issues with Syncing my phone to my computer to not being able to sync at all.

    When I plug my phone into my computer via usb I get a connected status and the green circle starts to swirl and it says looking for changes.

    This goes on for a few minutes and then it comes back with an error report. Screen box says Synchronization can not be completed successfully. Reconnect your device and try again.

    I have rebooted my computer and also done a soft reset on my phone. Still does not work.

    Any advice on steps to troubleshoot this?

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    Update on problem.

    I deleted my partnership on my pc and on my phone.

    I think synced and set up the partnership to only sync contacts and calendar.

    It seems to be working this way.

    Why the problem when I add notes and files to the mix?


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