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    I have a T700 and live in the Washington, DC area...I reguarly run internet speed tests from "mobile speed test", and VeriZon Speed Tests,

    For months now ever since I got Treo I would always get at least 500k a second download speeds...

    For the past week all I can get is like 100K and sometimes it will not even finish the test..

    I have done the *228 thing, I hard reset my phone and tried the speed tests with the same results.....

    What should I do next?

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    I'm getting 444 in dc.
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    Welcome to my world.

    In northern virginia getting a good EVDO download rate is really hit or miss and varies from day to day depending on weather conditions, power line interference and location.

    By chance have you just performed the software update from palm? I and others have noticed that we get a lower signal after the update for some unknown reason.

    About the only solution is to find a way to boost your signal. I'm about to try a signal repeater in my car. I'll post results once I get it installed.
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    Yeh I did the update and right after doing the update I still have good speeds.....I have a good signal, practically all the way, but still bad results.
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    chicago, il
    528kbit/sec according to dslreport's speedtest

    363.3kbit/sec according to verizon's speedtest
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    Northern Virginia (Fairfax, Falls Church, Arlington, Alexandria):
    353-688Kbps tested today driving around to clients. I have the update.
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    Try west of Fairfax and in the Dulles area. Signals suck there. Falls Church has an awesome signal. I get >900kbps rates there.
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    I'm doing well in DC. But as pointed out already, it's spotty in some parts. Now you goto NYC and that's some blazin EVDO!
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    I called VZ support and was told, wow you got 500K for EVDO in the past....he told me my tests for 100K should be average....I told him thats not worth 50 bucks a month, especially when people with idenical phones in the same place I am in are getting 400k and above...the guy was so useless I just hung up on him..

    Is there any settings are anything I can check?
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    That support guy should be fired. He's describing 1xRTT, not EVDO - and a mediocre 1xRTT to boot. If you consistently get EVDO rates below 350Kbps, you should complain to customer support about a broken phone, a broken tower, or bad service.

    ... Assuming you have the EV in your status bar - ignore everything I said if you only have a 1X.
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    yeh my area is all EV
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    So this morning I did my speed test and I got 700K! I live in the surburbs of DC in MD....when I got in DC I did it again and it droped to 150K? Both with EV and good signal....why can't it just be steady on an at least acceptable speed?
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    i live in souther MD (Charlotte Hall, MD....St. Marys Country) and i get between 300k-600k the highes ive gotten was i believe 688 andthe lowest was like 326
    Got Treo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by yitzchakis1
    ....when I got in DC I did it again and it droped to 150K? Both with EV and good signal....why can't it just be steady on an at least acceptable speed?
    Broken tower.
    Overloaded tower.
    Downtown DC? How about stolen tower?

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