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    I hardly ever use my car charger but yesterday, when I was on a long road trip, I plugged and got a message that the battery temperature was high and charging stopped after about 30 minutes. I disconnected everything and then tried it a while later when the phone had cooled down and about 30 minutes later I got the same message. The first time it happened I thought it might have been my Vaja case since that really insulates the back of the phone so I stripped the phone naked and it didn't help.

    My question is - do you think this is a problem with a) the car charger, b) the phone or c)the battery.

    Obviously it would be easier to replace the car charger. And please don't tell me how bad car chargers are - that;s why I restrict my usage but sometimes you just need it but I dont want to destroy the phone in the process.

    Thanks everyone!
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    The only time i saw that message was when i was talking on my bluetooth headset while charging the phone. car chargers are known to burn up batteries. If i were you id use it but only to get a little juice to your phone and dont use it while plugged in. so yes i believe its the phone and charger.
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    i have the same problem and its getting on my damn nerves... im going to have ot get a phone mount now... one that chills near the ac vents because it gets too hott... depending on how high i have my AC i can sometimes get away with it if i face the phone face down on the seat and take off the battery cover....
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    Same thing for me, TWICE now! But not the car charger... Instead, it's the Seidio cradle heating up my battery occasionally. Anyone else experiencing this?

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    My experience has been that the Treo gets hot when it is in a weak signal area, because that forces the transmitter to run at its highest power continuously. I have never seen the "hot battery" message, but at times the Treo is uncomfortably warm to the touch.
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    Same thing happened here with both the Seido and Palm charges. I think i may bail for the Q as this is likely to be a design flaw.
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    interesting.... I was wondering if I was going to buy a car charger, or if a DC->AC inverter was the better choice, as I could charge my laptop with it as well. I think that I will go for the inverter now, if the car chargers are harder on the battery.

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