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    Essentially, I want to do a Hard Reset to clear the Treo up. I don't have that many contacts or appt's set up, so it isn't that big of a deal. However, I've been having trouble (like everyone else) with ActiveSync. It seems to sync one or two things, then I get the 0x85010014 support code error.

    I'm hoping the hard reset will fix this. But I sort of want to have my few contacts and things backed up, would a correct sync do this for me? I don't normally use Outlook, but I did set things up.

    Here are my main questions (I've looked around the boards but haven't really found the help I need):

    1) What are the steps I should take prior to doing a hard reset?

    2) I want to get my AOL mail on the Treo. I'm currently doing this by having it check every 5 minutes or so. Should I look into Wireless Sync to Push it? (not quite sure of the differences...)

    Also, right now there's an empty Outlook email account, and a separate AOL account that I created. What's the use of the blank outlook one? Should that be syncing with outlook on my computer, and is just a AS problem?

    3) There seems to be a great deal of memory leakage, which I've read about. Also, the battery life has been trash ever since the update. I turn off basically everything (BT, IR, Voice command), and it just drains away. Any suggestions?

    4) I have Resco Explorer and SKTools, which are great programs. Should I even bother with things like SPB Weather or pocket plus? the memory usage being as it is, I don't think it could take much more!

    thanks in advance...I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed by all this WM05 stuff. I've been a Sidekick user for a while...
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    try the new activesync beta
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    doesn't make much of a difference.

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