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    Okay, with all of the excitement of the possible announcement of the 700p; I'm just wondering what the thoughts are for a Sprint release of the 700w. If/when released for Sprint, do you think the model released will be identical to the current 700w or will improvements be made to the Sprint version such as additional memory. I am trying to decide whether to go ahead and take the plunge and get a 700p or wait for the Sprint 700w. I would much rather have a WM Treo but not if it comes crippled with little memory. I currently have a 650 so know what the 700p might be like. But also own a Dell Axim X3i which I really like more than the 650 for PDA functions.
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    I'm pondering the same questions. Frankly, I like WM5 better than POS (sorry, guys), but the features on the 700p are definitely better than the 700w -- the Verizon version at least.

    It would be a welcome surprise if Palm upgraded the 700w for release on Sprint, but I'm not too optimistic about that prospect. I don't know how Palm plans these things, but my guess is that, if they released a WM5 edition with identical hardware to the POS version, you'd see the WM5 edition outsellingthe POS version handily. Thus, raising the question: why would they want to release a WM5 version with the same hardware specs, if it will probably reduce sales of the POS 700p? Making the hardware better on the 700p makes it compete.

    Of course, I could me completely wrong. But just my thoughts as a customer.
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    Considering that the 700p has the same memory as the 700w, I seriously doubt we'll see an upgrade. They're advertising the 700p w/64MB memory, which is what the 700w has (32 and 32). Don't hold your breath for more...
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    Hardware will be the sme on all 4 versions (Verizon 700p and 700w, Sprint 700p and 700w)

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