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    You cant totally turn a treo off (Well you can with the new ones becuase you just whip the battery out) but back in the day of the 600 you could only turn on flight mode (turn the portion off)
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    Flipperbw asked the exact question I had based on the comments.
    I do not think we are all talking the same language. As far as I can tell, the 700w does not have an off /on switch. This suggests that the default mode for the phone is on. I doubt that Palm, Verizon, Microsoft or whomever intended the Treo to be shut off and on daily. For occasions when having the phone on is inappropriate or not allowed, you can use flight mode or some other method to turn off the phone and/or the PDA (e.g., remove the battery).
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    To answer the orignial thread... my 700 is on 24/7. But I have a suggestion for TAYLORH with the crashing daily problem. Taylor, are you using active sync and have you applied the active sync solution for crashes? If not, check out the thread "700W won't power on? (Solution Provided)." Scroll down the thread and look for gfukmagic's entry with the the solution from Aximsite. Once I applied this fix to my 700, no more crashes. As an IT Director, that is first thing I do to every 700 that arrives in the office.
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    Mine's on 24/7 as well. I end up resetting it every few days so I think that takes care of the hierarchy thing for me.
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