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    You guys aren't going to believe this.. After all the hell i've been through with my phone (and replacement phone!) I finally figured out the problem!

    My phone has been running incredibly slow lately. Neither Verizon or Palm could help me. I sent for a new phone and even it had the same problem! Sluggish-ness!

    So you want to know the problem? My Today background!! I used an image from the internet (Bliss) as my "wallpaper" or background image. It was causing all my problems! I can't explain why but when I switched back to a standard background (one that came on the phone) it totally went away!!! I can't believe it!

    anyone else with this problem I would recommend trying this!
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    you probably had it at a super high res. mabye edit it to the res you need it at (240x240?) and you could probably use it again.
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    Yeah - it was 240x240! I can't explain it?!?
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    Make sure to not confuse dimensions with resolution. You can have the 240x240 but make the dpi of the photo is at the most 72dpi.
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    Why would you want 240x240 on the 650's 320x320 screen? The 25% up-resizing is likely the cause of the slowdown, because the background is not always cached. However, even a 1:1 raw image will add overhead. If you want a snappy response, don't use wallpaper.
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    I always laugh when I see this type of thing happen to desktops. Someone takes their 2mb digital camera picture and makes it their background. Then wonders why their new computer is so slow...
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    tmt, This is a 700w thread. My guess is: tama2112 is using the 700 which is a 240x240 screen.
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    Im using a 700w?! Dont understand the last post.. However i can confirm that after 2 days the phone is still working great..
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    My phone crawls too! Verizon sent a replacement... Just as slow! Palm was no help either. I don't have a hi-res wallpaper running (damn)... No add-on software. I have 1747 contacts and approx 525 appointmemts. Someone at Verizon said that I may have too many contacts and that may be slowing my phone down (don't believe that for a minute).

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