Sorry for the noob questions. I have a lot of note files on my Treo 700w. I need to transfer them all over to my PC because my poor Treo is seriously overloaded. It's starting to run at the pace of a commodore. These documents are priceless to me so I am nervous about screwing up the transfer and losing them. What's the safest and easiest way for me to get them onto the computer? Should I get a a storage card and put it on there? Once it's on there, how do I get it on to the computer? Which storage cards can I use (just go get a sandisk 1gb)? And what format will the files be on my computer? I mean would I be able to open them in notepad or word and just be able to print them out as is? And, granted that I do this without screwing up I need to do a serious restart on my Treo. I made the mistake of downloading a bunch of useless programs, most of which can not run on my 700w and no matter what I do I can't delete the files completely. So I want to start from the factory default and do things right. Can someone just walk me through all this nonsense? Thanks a lot, appreciate it in advance.