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    Im not sure what happend but now no sounds play our of my Treo. When a call comes in the phone just gives off one long vibrate. When the alarm goes off it just vibrates. When I go into "Sounds and Notifications" none of my MP3s will play and none of the other sounds will play. The volume is up, I checked with the left side buttons. I tried a soft reset (pulling the battery) and that didnt help. The last thing I installed was Adobes Acrobat reader. That was a few days ago. I just dont know what to do! Help!
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    Not being funny, but did you check the mute slider on top? I freaked the first time I set it to mute and forgot.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG That was totally it, it was in the mute position. Wow do I feel stupid.
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    Easy to do....

    there's a nice freeware app called SoundOff. If top button is in the mute position, when you turn on your treo, a friendly reminder pops up on the screen.... do a search and you should be able to find a link to it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drunken_Monk
    Wow do I feel stupid.
    I don't know about stupid, but I imagine you feel quite relieved.
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    Does SoundOff work on the Treo 700w?

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