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    Once in awhile I see ActiveSync in the Running Programs without even using ActiveSync. In the past it would appear every few minutes but after I created a Fake Exchange Server and then deleted it, it stopped but now it would appear every few days. Anyone know why as it drain my battery quickly with it automatically appearing in running programs.

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    do the fix at the top of the forum....its the first sticky topic.....folow the directions form the axim site....this will solve your problems.....and if you do the palm treo700 update after doing this, you will have to do it again
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    I've done that fix multiple times and activesync still shows up.
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    It doesn't seem to work anymore after the update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevetd
    I've done that fix multiple times and activesync still shows up.
    Same here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eki
    It doesn't seem to work anymore after the update.
    Do you mean your Activesync doesn't automatically run or it does show in your running programs but doesn't automatically connect and drain your battery.

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    i was having the battery drain problem after the update because active sync was scheduled to check my emails every 1-2 minutes.....talked with verizon then put through to palm and he had me do the fix...the fix DID work and i havent had one problem since....i dont kow why this fix isnt working with some
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    I did the sticky fix before the update and it resolved the power on problem. Activesync would only start when I initiated it. After the update I did the same sticky fix. Now after a soft reset Acitivesync is alive. Once I stop it it stays off until a soft reset. The good is even if I forget to turn it off I havent seen the power on problem.
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    I figured out the cause of my problem but don't know about the fix. In the past, I wanted to figure out a way to get rid of the Wireless Sync Icon that automatically appears after a soft reset (Daily Sprite Backup) as I don't use Wireless Sync anymore. During this time, I did the Axim/Sticky fix regarding Activesync appearing every few minutes in my Running Programs and it worked. Well, I was told the only way to get rid of the Wireless Sync icon to appear automatically was to do a hard reset and not to register with Wireless Sync. I went ahead and did that and it fixed the problem with Wireless Sync Icon appearing after a soft reset but created the problem of Activesync appearing on my running programs everytime I turn "Flight Mode" on and then off again and connecting to the internet and/or email. I've also did the sticky/Axim fix (creating Fake Server Source) after the hard reset several times but everytime I turn on flight mode and then turn it back off, then proceed to check my emails or the internet, Activesync appears in my Running Programs. Once I delete Activesync in Running Programs, it will disappear until I turn Flight Mode on again.

    It appears I have two choices:

    1. Register with Wireless Sync and deal with the Icon appearing everytime I do a soft reset (daily basis with Sprite Backup) but resolve the problem with active sync not appearing in running programs

    2. Not register with Wireless Sync and deal with Activesync appearing in running programs everytime I turn On/Off Flight mod (daily as I turn flight Mod on before I go to sleep) but resolve the problem of Wireless Sync Icon appearing everytime there is a soft reset.
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    i say try again from have the latest palm update right? hard reset the 700.....then first thing you do is the axim fix.....then wait 5 minutes and preform a soft reset......see if that helps.....again i still dont understand why this works for some and not others unless something is being looked over
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    Thanks for the recommendation. I think I'll do another hard reset once I have took a couple hours to enter all my address book, calander, software and settings last time. I did try a hard reset and use Sprite Restore but that didn't work (Activesync still in running programs after Flight Off).
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    thats the do a hard reset BUT then restore with spriet and that keeps resetting back to the restore.....sync with your pc and save your calender addresses and whatnot...then hard reset....then do the fix...then wait five minutes and soft reset.....then sync back all your calender and addys, then install your programs again....this has got to work

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