In the last few days, I tried the A2DP Hack on my 700w when I picked up the Plantronics 590A from CompUSA. It was all choppy, so I decided to give up and go with an inexpensive wired headset from the Accessories page here. But what I did notice was that though the 590A would pair properly, it wouldn't transfer any call to the headset, either manually or automatically.

So I went with the Motorola H605 and noticed that it would do the same thing - after a while, it would stop transferring the call to the headset.

I performed a hard reset so that the A2DP Hack wouldn't be present, but it still fails after a while.

I called Verizon DTS and they think it's a hardware issue and are shipping me out a replacement 700w.

Question is, has anyone else experienced a similar problem? I'm almost certain that the hard reset would have brought it back to the way it was before the A2DP hack, but I have to wonder, since this issue seemed to have only started AFTER I tried the hack.

Any ideas?