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    My signal has dropped from full signal at my office and home to one bar if I am lucky. Don't understand... have performed several *228 try as rec. by Verizon. ANY IDEAS??? DO I need to do a hard reset? Also just got a new computer and can't get activesyn to work. It just hangs on syncronizing. Tried to delete the partnership to no avail. Just did a soft reset and see what happens. Other than that everything else works fine. HOW DO YOU DO A HARD RESET? I have backed up with sprite.

    Thanks in advance,
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    I have the very same issue with my signal. After the update I get fewer bars and my data connection drops to 1x occasionally when it never did before. I know of no solution, although I haven't tried a hard reset yet.
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    Hard reset did not help...

    Still can't sync either.
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    Did you delete all those temp files under windows\temp before you applied the update?
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    Thought it said to do that afterwards.
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