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    Okay, I'm posting this with not complete information but here goes: I sent a text message to my wife this afternoon and just got a call from her saying she recieved six messages from me. She read a few of them, and they were work messages via Outlook!!! The really weird thing is that the emails she was reading, I never, ever even sent from my phone, but from my computer at work...A MONTH AGO!

    I have no idea a) how a text message would grab other Outlook messages, b) how it would grab those emails from a month ago, and c) how it would grab emails that I never even viewed or replied to on my phone.

    Has this ever happened to anyone?? When my wife gets back from her trip I'll have a more complete picture of what happened but as of now I'm freaked that other emails are being sent to people that I text message to. That is a major, major no bueno...

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    that is weird...i know that i've had my txt msgs get stuck in the outbox and it ends up blowing up the recipient's inbox as it send 6 or so of the same txt to them. but never would it grab emails from outlook and text that even possible given the fact that you'd run out of character spacing.
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