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    does anyone know if the screen is supposed to light up on my 700 if I touch it? In order for me to light it up now I have to hit my "end" button.
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    Go to Options/System/Backlight make sure the "Turn on backlight when a button is pressed or the screen is tapped" box is checked.
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    If the screen is "off," it wil not turn on if you tap it (perhaps it will if you change the setting listed above, I never tried). However, if your backlight times out after idling, but the screen is still on, tha backlight will come back on if you tap it.
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    Littlepat.. You are correct.. I didn't even think about the normal operation..
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    I have my settings set up as mentioned above and I've never got this too work. Kind of annoying that I have to hit the end button to turn on the screen.
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    I guess, but if the phone is off in your pocket, would you really want ANY screen taps to wake it up? Especially if you have speed dial's on your today screen, that could be a nightmare...

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