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    Quote Originally Posted by littlewaywelt
    Tried that and after a soft reset the Home setting is back. I just got off the phone with Verizon and they are sending me a new phone. We'll see.
    Same here - reverted back to Home after a soft reset.
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    I know that some of you see a difference in the Home setting, but I'm like others here and haven't changed from Home while traveling all over the D.C. area, northern M.D. area and central P.A. area and always have a signal. I slinged all the way up hwy 15 from Manassas to Lewisburg, PA on one trip without signal problems.
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    Well Verizon sent me a new phone and what a debocle that was. The first thing I checked was to see if the new phone retained the auto B setting after soft reset. It did. I restored from Sprite and then things became a mess. Apparently the phone didn't have the patch. Overwriting the new format onto the old caused all kinds of problems and corrupted my sprite backup files. I hard reset, added the palm patch/update and restored from Sprite again. Restores were still all a mess, so I started from scratch.

    In the end, this phone after receiving the update, this phone won't maintain the network setting either. It definitely did before the update.

    Does anyone have a phone that's maintaining the Auto B/A setting after doing the update? I just want to know if it's worth going through this again with Verizon to get another new refurbished phone.
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    Well I'm on my 2nd replacement phone and I appear to have isolated the cause. It has something to do with the download when doing *229.

    I received my replacement phone and updated the software, activated the phone and then checked to see if it maintained setting under soft reset and radio turn off and it did. I then did the *229 think and it no longer maintains the Auto B setting and reverts to home mode.
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    I will give that a try. I have a fresh backup done on my SD card and will hard reset to a clean device and see if it holds on my phone. So far it resets to home otherwise.
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    Finally decided to try a hard reset and Sprite Backup restore to see if that would solve the problem I had with the phone not switching to the extended network automatically without intervention. (see messages above)

    It worked. Yes, it still says "home" network on the device, but all that matters to me is that it is now switching over on its own without any user intervention.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster452

    Thought I found a work-around for one problem...

    I had the problem with it reverting back to Home after I left the settings menu.

    I noticed that if I set it to the desired network then instead of pressing "ok" I moved left into the "service" settings and then pressed OK the setting would stick.

    I did a hard-reset the other day though and now the initial problem with it losing the setting right-away seems to have gone away.

    Wow. That actually worked on mine too. It didn't work right away though. I had to go through the process 2 or 3 times before it stuck.

    That's probably why I had no phone service recently when in bum****. I was there with my "fancy" new $400 phone and had to borrow someone elses to make a call. Thanks Verizon.
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    This procedure works on mine too. Hasn't changed since.
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    This also works for me!
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    I had to stop doing it on mine as it makes its system run too slow. WAY too slow. It was killing me. I'll have to try it sometime when I'm in an area with no coverage and see it if it makes it work. I certainly hope Palm/Verizon come up with a fix for this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo 700w
    I had to stop doing it on mine as it makes its system run too slow. WAY too slow. It was killing me. I'll have to try it sometime when I'm in an area with no coverage and see it if it makes it work. I certainly hope Palm/Verizon come up with a fix for this.
    I don't understand why this would make a difference in overall performance.
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    I don't either, but that's definitely what was causing it as it started as soon as I did that, it got sluggish every time, and now that I'm not doing it anymore, it's fine again. It was the slowest it had ever been. I even did a soft reset once, set it to B as advertised here, and within a few hours, it was sluggish again. Something else weird is that one time after doing it, when I went to Start, Personal, and Phone, the phone icon wouldn't even work anmore, yet all the others did, and that's the first time that's happened too. Also, before, I never really needed to reset the phone anymore. Since I did this maneuver though, I was having to reset once or twice a day, and now that I've stopped doing it, it's back to working speedy all the time with no resets required.
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    Whats funny with mine is that when I do the *22899 the phone gets sluggish for a little and when I click the signal meter on my way to changing to automatic b.. when I press settings, it does nothing.

    I have to soft reset it, then I will be able to change it.

    However, if I do a *228 I dont have this problem.

    I am actually really close to exchanging my phone for a non updated one. Prior to the update I went months without a soft reset and from January to when the update came out I never did a hard reset.

    Now I do soft resets at least once a day. Sometimes my phone starts ringing and it doesn't even show who is calling and I can't answer it, its just stuck on the home screen. It is just getting increasingly frustrated with this phone since the update.
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    I decided to email Palm to see what the lastest BS response would be and I got A.J. the tech support engineer to answer.

    Response (AJ) - 06/30/2006 05:17 PM
    Hello Mr. xxxxx,

    Thank you for contacting Palm Treo 700W email Technical Support. My name is A.J. and I will be assisting you with your issue. The radio will always default to the Home settings.This is a feature added to the update by the request of the carrier.

    Palm Treo700w Support Team

    So the latest BS is Verizon wants it that way, part of my says I can buy that, but part of me says, thats BS. The XV6700 doesn't do it, the Treo 650 doesn't do it and the Treo 700p that I know of doesn't do it. So why would the Treo 700w do it?
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    Has anyone had any response to this yet? My less then week old phone does the same thing.

    I am looking for more explanation, so I called Verizon and they said it was a non-issue and is not important and these are not settings I should change.

    I called again using a phone number that has an e815 on the line. I got voice support and asked them what Home, Automatic A, B are. She said when your phone is set to home it will not pick up other towers but from your home area and she said Automatic A is where I want to be. I explained my problem with my Treo and she transfered me to Data again who said it was a non-issue and re-read the ticket from my previous call to me stating 'You were already told this was a non-issue' and 'If you don't have any problems with it, then there is no problem'.

    So what is the problem? The voice lady said since I am in MI if I traveled to Detroit I would not be in my Home area and thus will not have service, but data says its not an issue even after I repeat what she said to me they just say no and tell me to leave the settings alone? One guy even said 'Yah I am like you, I like to play with the settings and go through everything' WTF! I said, 'It's not that, I want a phone that works when I travel I don't want to have to set it to Auto A everyday so I can have service'..

    I am getting no where an extremely frustrated with Verizon, I tried the 6700 and that sucked worse then this glitch, low volume, poor poor poor battery life. I tried the Q but that stripped down OS just pissed me off even more, although I think I am ready to suffer if this problem doesn't get resolved. I don't want the 700p as we have Exchange and I like the direct push...

    Anyways, can someone clarify for me what this all means? If the below statements are true?

    Home - Will not roam, will not use a tower that is not owned by Verizon. (We have twice as many AllTel towers as Verizon towers am I correct to say my phone will not use these when set to home?)

    Automatic A - Will roam, will use towers defined in the PRL list. (Am I correct to say the Home setting does not refer tot he PRL list for non-verizon towers, only setting it in an Automatic A or B is when it will use this list?)

    OR - Is it when in Home mode it will use the PRL if it has too, but will NOT roam on towers not on the PRL list but when on Auto A or B it will roam on towers NOT on the PRL list?

    There are two Auto settings, A and B - I have only read this refers to the A side or B side of the network. What does that mean?

    Also, is it possible that even the phone shows Home is currently set after you have changed it and it has been power cycled, is it at all possible that it is just displaying the wrong setting when in fact it could be in Auto A? Is there another hidden menu that will display what band I am using?

    Is there a section that will display what tower I am using? I can use the online Tower Maps and drive by them and see if my signal increases, for instance, I can set it home and drive by an AllTel tower and see what will happen.

    Does the phone switch to the Auto's as needed?

    Sorry about this post, I am sure it is really annoying but I am really fed up of my choices and spending way to much time in the past 2 weeks trying to get a friggin phone!
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    The amusing part of it all is the Treo 700p starts in automatic, stays in automatic even after a hard reset. So its all about Verizon and how they set the device up.
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