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    The items that appear in the "Programs" submenu are there because there is a corresponding shortcut file in the /Windows/Start Menu/Programs directory, correct? If that is the case, then why don't the items in the "Settings" sub-menus have corresponding shortcuts in the /Windows/Start menu/Settigns directory? In fact, the /Windows/Start Menu/Settings directory is blank on my device!

    Is there something I'm missing here?

    Also, if I copy a shortcut file (to add it to my Start Menu for example), the program icon does not seem to get copied along - I get a generic looking .exe file icon - is there a way to get the program icon to copy?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Let me know when you find the Today shortcut as well. If you are looking for logic and consistency in Windows Mobile then you might as well try to solve something easier first like world peace...
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    Some of the shortcuts are namespace entries. (like the internet explorer special icon, or the Outlook special icon). The way I create a shortcut that seems to bring the program icon along is I explore the treo via async. find the program executable, right click and drag and select create shortcut in the same directory as the app. Then i rename the link and copy and paste it, then delete the original shortcut.

    Some of the apps do not work from the main app shortcut. For instance a link to poutlook.exe will not allow you to open SMS messaging from the start menu, tmail.exe does.
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    Thanks for the advice, VZWUser. I tried the method you suggested (which was pretty close to what I had been trying) with no luck. I am trying it on the Wireless Manager app (wrlsmgr.exe) and keep getting the generic .exe box icon instead of the little antenna icon. I guess it is possible that wrlsmgr.exe doesn't have an icon and its getting picked up somewhere else, but I am baffled as to where. Not a big deal, but the inconsistency is annoying.

    Speaking of baffling, I am still stumped how the settings menus gets populated, if not from shortcuts in the Settings directory. Are these done in the registry (I am not brave enough to muck around in the resgitry to solve this but perhaps someone more knoeldgable than I has some ideas)?

    Thanks, all!
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    The settings "sub-menu" as you call it is actually the control panel on windows mobile, just like in windows. The programs and icons there are populated from system programs and dll's, and just like on the desktop you cant easily add and delete icons from there. This i perfectly consistent with dektop windows.

    Now regarding your specific problem, if you look here you will see a whole lot of shortcuts which you may find useful.

    There is also a simple way to edit a shortcut to point to a specific icon. I am not however at my desktop now, but may post about it later.

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    Well, I knew there was a simple explanation. Thanks Surur. Alas, it does not solve my "ugly Wireless Manager icon" problem, but at least I can stop looking for a bunch of hidden shortcuts that aren't there.

    If you have the time, I'd be interested in learning how to edit a shortcut to point to a specific icon - now all I have to do i track down which dll file the Wireless Manager icon lives in. sigh .

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