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    has anyone tried PDA Net? is it worth it? how fast is it really? is it reliable?
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    I've used it and gotten speeds around 300k. It's very stable and allows me to use my company's VPN to access the network, e-mail, etc.
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    It works pretty slick. If you have the need for data I'd reccommend it. It works in most coverage areas but in EVDO mode is where it really shines.

    Be aware it violates Verizon's Terms of Service but I dont' think they care too much. I have 5 copies and we haven't heard squat from VZW.
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    I've used it as my internet connection at home for a year (till I could pick up a 802.11 signal) I highly recommend this program!!!! carry a copy of the pc file on your sd card for those times when your at a strange new PC and need internet. I can't wait to check out the evdo speeds once Sprint releases something

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    yeah i have the unlimited data plan and im going to buy a notebook from bestbuy this weekend...(any suggestions) but anyways i was jus wonderin if i should get it, it says you have to connect with active sync so i couldnt use it in my car but it would be good when i go to friends and on vacation
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