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    Is there a way to listen to music using wmp with a bluetooth device? I have a Motorola bluetooth headset and it works fine with the phone but wanted to know if I can listen to my mp3s with it. What are the steps? Do I need to get a wired headset to just to listen to music and switch and forth? Have a Treo 700w. Thanks.
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    no such luck yet do a search on ad2p there's a long post discussion about it and how it's not working on the treos
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    really? there is nothing out there that can do this? would think with technology you would be able to listen to music and as well as phone on a bluetooth device. mean if it works for wired headsets why not for bluetooth?!? especially on the treos which are very popular. well, thanks for the post and info.

    read the post about ad2p but it seems to only involve treo 600s and 650s, I have 700w. Well, guess we can do is just hope that something will become available.
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    The technology is out there, but the Treo bluetooth implementation doesn't support the necessary a2dp bt profile. The latest patch should've made it possible, but alas, it's not working. Until a 3rd party steps up with a2dp for the 700w we are stuck with cords.

    You can read the sad news in this thread.
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    I emailed asking them to write a WM5 version of their Audio Gateway product to support the 700w. This is what I got back from them.

    "Thank you for your comment.
    We plan to support Treo 700w at nearest future."


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