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    Today, my phone seemed to stop working a little after noon; I didn't notice it until 5 pm, when I went to look at a synched email (which wasn't there).

    I had full signal strength showing, however ActiveSync on the phone showed the waiting message (it may have actually said 'waiting on network', I forget).

    I tried to manually invoke a synch, but after a period of time the results were the same.

    what is interesting is that a soft reset brought the system back to life, and then all of the voicemails that had been queued, etc. showed up as well. what is more interesting is that I had, in the time period that the phone was 'down', called voicemail and it said that there were no messages! This despite a message left that had a time stamp within the period.

    what are everyone's thoughts- phone or verizon network issue? I have on occasion also noticed where I place a call and the other person can't hear me, which a soft reset also cures. This isn't a frequent occurence, but it is annoying.


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    Probably a memory issue that caused the connectivity app to freeze.
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    I have about 10 of these phones throughout my company - most if them do the same thing or just totally hang. Hard resets don't seem to fix it.

    I'm trying to find out a pattern. We need to soft reset about once a day - horrible!

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