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    I was experiencing the following problems with my phone after the update:
    1)The phone was running VERY slow - slow switching between programs, etc.
    2)The battery was draining VERY quickly - tried all the fixes, didnt work
    3)Active Sync would not stop running (I dont use Exchange ActiveSync)

    So Verizon sent me a new phone. It worked flawlessly - until i did a Wireless Sync. As soon as i got my contacts, calender & emails on the new device it started running slowly again!

    Luckily - the other 2 problems went away. But why is my phone running so slowly!?? Palm thinks i have something corrupt in the calender, contacts or email. What do you guys think?? Its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Since your problem is not widely reported - that is a huge problem everyone is experiencing AND since it only happened after you did your Wireless Sync I would say that it's possible that your contacts, calendar & email could be the culprit, although figuring out exactly what item in there is causing the problem might be tricky.

    I assume you are using Outlook & the Verizon Wireless Sync where your PC is on all the time for the email?

    One thing you could do to test this out would be to go to a place like "The Message Center" and tryout a Hosted Exchange ActiveSync service and see if your problem goes away:

    You could also try rebuilding your Outlook inbox by exporting everything to a .pst file and then importing back into Outlook to see if that fixes it...
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    WM runs slower the more objects it has in memory. I suggest using catagories and cutting down radically on the amount of contacts, appointments and e-mails you sync, and see if that improves things.

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    I also keep getting this message:
    "We're Sorry.. A Problem has occurred with gwes.exe. Please tell Microsoft about this problem."
    What the heck does that mean??

    surur: As far as emails go - i only have 7 days of emails in the device, and only have about 275 contacts. How do i cut down on Appointmens in calender?
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    Read that thread for a very thorough and informative article an what slows down wm2003se. It may not be completely relevant to wm5, but most probably still apply.

    You do not seem to be using an excessive amount of e-mail etc however.

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