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    is there anywhere that you can download aim for free? i've tried to download it from the UK AOL website but it doesn't work for me. any help is appreciated.
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    I just use IM+. I happened to get a free version as I helped them troubleshoot some bugs. Its great software in my opinion. is now Soon to be a great resource site for all Windows Mobile phones.
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    agilemessenger has a beta out for WM5
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    When I downloaded the agile messanger, i keep gettin this message when i try to run it, "AgileMessangerWMPPC is not a valid Pocket PC application". Anyone know whats wrong?
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    it worked great for me! sorry to hear your having issues
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    did u d/l the right app? for WM5
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    "NEW Agile Messenger 3 BETA for Windows Mobile 5.0 PPC & Windows PPC 2003" that is the one i downloaded, is that the right one?
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    yup...when you d/l it do you unzip it? i cant recall if it's a .cab file or an .exe if it's a cab file you copy and paste it using active sync onto your treo and then tap it and it installs. If it's an exe file you can just execute the file from your desktop to be installed the next time you get sync
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    Link to download?
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    I had trouble with agile generating errors.

    I bought IM+ and it is brilliant software. No issues whatsoever.
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    My problem with IM+ is that it's not exactly made for one handed operation. There are a lot of features that require either a stylus or REALLY small fingers!

    I wish these programs had a way to set them to contiously try to reconnect so that when you got off a call, they would automatically connect as opposed to showing an error.
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    tell me about IM+ is it like trillian where you can log onto more than one client e.g. Yahoo! and AIM
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    Yes, you can log into all of them. But, as I said, it's not really set up for one-handed use.
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