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    I know that this should be under the windows apps but sometimes if i ask a question there it will be left unanswered, anyway is there an app that uses your fingerprint as the lock code to unlock the phone? Granted I do not really have a large amount of personal things in here but it would be nice to have if it exists.
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    One of the HP Ipaq's had this function a few years ago, but it also had a fingerprint scanner which the Treo does not have. The scanner was a slit at the bottom on the front, and the Ipaq digitized your finger as you slid it across. The Treo has a camera. The main difference being that the camera does not have any method to iluminate the finger to get the picture. The scanner does.

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    There's a figerprint scanner for the palm OS that scans your fingerprint and tells you whether you pass a security's a fake / goof .....hold a button down and you pass, don't and you when traveling with friends by air ....."oh let me prescan you and see if you will be allowed to board"

    But in order for th app to work you would need an image sensor / scanner....the Treo doesn't have that woukld be looking for CD recording software but you don't have CD-R installed in your desktop.
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    There are signature programs available that are excellent biometric security devices. They use speed and signature to determine the match and are extremely difficult to replicate.

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