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    My phone does not display the voice mail icon even when I have new voice mails. I tried sending myself voicemails. Still no icon.

    Anyone else having this issue?

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    Have you tried a hard reset?
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    Did you use to have a voice mail icon?

    That notification is a carrier generated signal. On Verizon you can set whether the icon is displayed. Call voice mail and follow the "To change personal options, press #" menu. One of my options, somewhere in there, is to turn the voice mail icon ON or OFF. Your carrier's process may be different.
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    I've called tech support and they made me do a hard reset. Still doesn't work.

    My voice mail is already setup. Maybe I will "re" setup the voice mail.
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    Thanks dcs11. It was set to "ON" but I turned it "OFF" then turned it back "ON". That did it. Thanks for all your help everyone.

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