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    Is there anyway to turn off ringer and vibrate in 1 step? This would be helpful when going to a meeting.

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    First, do not have your vibrate on when ringer is off (in Sounds & Notifications settings). Then, when going into a meeting, all you do is slide the mute switch to mute.
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    I'm not sure if this is "1 step" or not to you, but you could just select "Decrease Volume" (on the side of your phone) 5 clicks which turns off the phone ringer volume.

    Or, with "Zero Steps" you could have PhoneAlarm automatically check your calendar for meetings and turn off all sound/vibrate without any additional action on you part.
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    Doh! Had a brain freeze....thanks for the info. I was thinking with my old phone (Blackberry) where you can just choose the Phonograph Icon and switch to silent mode. I have the top setting to vibrate and if I want to turn off all sound/vibrate, I'll just have to use the side buttons and turn both all the way down. I also remember a program where you can click on the "Off" button and turns off the ringer/vibrate. I think it was wisbar?

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