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    hello. I have a sandisk 2gb sd card. I stored lots of stuff on it, docs, programs, etc.
    I popped it out one day, and when I put it back in everything disappeared. Now all that's on it are my email attachments and images from the camera.
    Where did everything go? did it all get erased? Any help greatly appreciated
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    Did you happen to pop it out while it was still writing something to the card? You can corrupt the FAT if you do that which can lead to strange things like that.

    You may have to reformat the card to get it working right
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    Wait! Before you format, make sure the files aren't found on Storage Card 2. Do a search here on Storage Card and you'll find a thread discussing that phenomenon.
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    I had the same issue, tons of pics, videos, .pdf on my storage card. Then one day, gone. Can't say for sure if there wasn't a lockup at some point but I did a file check on the card and it recovered a ton of stuff and made them .chk files that I started going through and renaming. In the end I just wiped the card and put everything back on it. So I'm guessing it locked up at some point and I had to soft boot which corrupted the FAT on the card. So, you might want to make sure you have a spare copy of what's on the SD card... just in case.

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