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    Argh. I was in the Buttons window trying to remember which buttons activate which shortcuts and I accidently reset my Start button. Now when I press the Start button it brings me back to my Today screen instead of bringing up my menu/list of programs. Can someone please tell me how I can access my Buttons page again so I can reset it? I have already tried to remove my battery, reset my Treo by pressing the button next to the battery and pushing all the option+? buttons. Thanks.
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    Go to Settings, Buttons, and when that opens you'll see that the "Start" button will be highlighted in the "1. Select a button" field. Below that field, select <Start Menu> in the "2. Assign a program" field", and then exit by clicking the ok box in the upper right corner of the screen.
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    Thanks nash. But how do I get to Settings? I can't just click on the Start button to bring up the list to choose Settings. When I press that, it just brings me back to my Today screen. Is there a keyboard shortcut that will bring it up?
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    Tap the start icon at the top left hand corner of your screen.
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    Genius! I didn't know it was there because I was running VJ's Toggle Today hack where it hid that thank you thank you thank you.
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    This thread is an unintended ode to the one-handedness of this phone.

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