This is undoubtedly a stupid question, but I have search these forums and have failed to find the answer, so I have to ask...I have since day one of using my Treo 700w used Wireless Sync to sync all of my PIM data, and I have not yet installed any applications on my Treo 700w...Would installing third party software on my Treo have to also be done via Wireless Sync, or would it instead have to be done via ActiveSync...I would assume via activesync if the software that needs to be installed has a PC desktop installer and accompanying application meant to run on the if this is the case, how can I hook up the Treo 700w to my PC and install the software without making any sync changes to the PIM data...are there any settings on either the Treo 700w, the ActiveSync desktop application, or the WirelessSync desktop application that would have to be configured a certain way in order for me to pull this off without running into any problems?

Again, I apologize for the stupid question, but if anyone could help me out with some suggestions or advice (the more details and specifics the better), I would be sincerely grateful!! Thanks!!