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    I'd like to ask for patience with a Newbie!

    I need to upgrade, and have been looking at the 700w. I've been browsing this forum for a couple of hours. But it sounds like the 700w may be a lot more than I need? I basically want to combine my day runner and my phone.

    Primarily, I need a phone with clear reception. I want to be able to backup my contacts on my pc and organize them in separate folders. I want to take notes. I will use the calendar some, but not heavy duty. I like the idea of a qwerty keyboard. And bluetooth sounds great, although there are lots of threads saying it can be a problem with the 700w.

    Email and web are very secondary to me, but it sounds like most people get the phone just for that? I'm unclear as to how easy it is to use my personal email, from a small local isp, with the 700w? But, I am fascinated with the idea of using the 700w plus pdanet (or however) to get a high speed connection for my desktop. There is no high speed here. If I could actually use the phone to get more than a 56k connection, I would get the unlimited data plan. Can anyone give me an idea how (well) this works? I know it sounds silly not to know, but can I use the phone to make a connection, then use my local isp? Or do I end up with needing a new email addy? I maintain a web site, which at 56k is a pain. If I could just use the phone for dealing with that and internet browsing, it would be great. If I could use it for email from my desktop too, wow! I have a laptop for work, and work has given me a Verizon Broadband pc card for it, so I know I can get at least a 200 kbps connection at home.

    I'm due for new every two with Verizon, but am open to switching carriers if the upcoming 700p would be better for me, or if there is another pda / phone option I should be looking at. Maybe the 650? Except I understand the 650 doesn't have Broadband access. I have a Cingular cell for work, and coverage for it is spotty. But T-mobile, Sprint? Verizon does have good coverage where I need it.

    At the Verizon store today, they said they would not sell me a 700w without a data plan, as it is too easy to end up on the web, and customers come in disputing huge data bills they have "accidently" rung up. Is it truly that hard to stay off the web with this phone? Can IE be disabled?

    Thanks for any info!

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    this phone is the biggest piece of crap ever made- dont buy it- it causes more headaches than you could possibly imagine

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