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    Does anyone have a clue on how to keep Windows Media Player running when the screen shuts off? I hate this! I used to use my 650 as an MP3/.wma player all the time. Just turn it on and it would go until you turned it off.

    Now if I go into WMP, I can start my songs hit play, but as soon as the screen turns off (like after 1 minute) so does my music! Microbrain is no help, and I've looked through all the menu options. I really don't want to have to mess with power options each time I use the Media player, but that's the only thing so far I've found that will work.
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    i dont have that problem...
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    I don't mess with power options, I leave them disabled all the time. I just uncheck the boxes for turning off the device when not in use. I know it's stupid, but that apparently is the only solution. That isn't as annoying though as not being able to lock the screen and keyboard while listening to WMP. I just can't believe there isn't a keylock option without powering off the pda!

    EDIT: Enabling the password lock doesn't affect WMP and allows you to play WMP while in your pocket essentially giving you a keylock without power off. It's not really a keylock though and any press will turn on the display reducing battery life. Disabling the backlight when a key is pressed will help, although this doesn't keep the keyboard light from coming on.
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    Hey, believe it or not I do have your solution, but it sucks.......Palm tech service told me it was a known issue. Disable bluetooth first and the media player will work fine. Once you have done this you will find you only have the problem every so often.

    And again every time it happens, just tap off bluetooth and the phone won't go full dark while media player is running.
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    Very strange,, I use WMP all the time both for music and watching movies.. it never "shuts off by itself".. The only interruption I get is when I get a phone call, it pauses, then when I'm done with the call I start it right from where I left off.. Hmmmm
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    I had posted this same thing months ago in the WM Multimedia forum. I wanted to find a way to turn the device screen off, without powering off the Windows Media Player app. Really, the only way to do (and it's only a partial solution, really), is to set the 'toggle screen' function inside the WMP app. Press an assigned button (I set mine as space bar) and the screen will go blank. The keyboard is still lit up, and my perception is that no power is really being saved.
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    The keyboard lights do eventually go off though (like 30 seconds or so). At least, mine do.
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    Thanks! This truly sucks. I hate the 700w. Wish I had waited for the 700p!
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    you have to turn off your active bluetooth device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LIVE4SPD
    you have to turn off your active bluetooth device.

    Agreed, the bluetooth doesn't have to be turned off on the phone. I've noticed this issue only when my headset was in range and hooked up to my phone.
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    Is there really no solution to this? I try playing something in media player (in this case, streaming XM) and if I press the power button to turn off the screen, it stops windows media playback. Not only that, the screen won't go off by itself if I just leave it there. Am I doing something wrong?
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    bump. Is the solution to this to substitute TCPMP as the default media player?
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    I have the same "issue" on my 700wx.

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