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    Many Pocket PC users only use Internet Explorer because they do not realize that there are other alternatives. Mozilla has an alternative called Minimo and they have finally updated it.

    You will find many important changes in this release:

    * 14% disk footprint reduction
    * Password manager support
    * “Set as Default Browser” support
    * Support for some Google Widgets (via a XSLT wrapper. gm: )
    * Integration of a Amazon lightweight query shopping app
    * Adding “Open Frame in New Tab” support
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    What is the final footprint on the machine? Hope it's not as big as netfront (3.5 mb and then some).

    Also, can it be installed to the card? And does the uninstaller work properly?
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    No WM5 device to test it on....saw it and figured I'd pass the info on.

    here's the FAQ

    tested device list

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    The latest release still hangs on my 700W. I will be sticking with explorer for now.

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    Just a heads-up that the Opera Browser v. 8.6 is out of beta and available. I have been using the beta version for the last several months and it quickly became my favorite browser. Once you've tried it you'll never go back to Mobile IE. Much, much faster and vastly superior at rendering pages.
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    When I had my HP ipaq I used Mimio it was a great program when it worked but it hanged to much.

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