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    The Treo 700 software list has been updated and to date
    it contains 176 software programs.

    We've added a free software section that has 6 user
    tested and suggested programs and we'd like to see it grow
    a lot larger.

    If you have any personally verified free software programs for
    the Treo 700 you feel deserve to be added to the list, please visit
    the site and contact me to suggest it.

    Treo 700w Software List
    Over 285 Apps, Games and Freeware
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    could someone help by letting me know what software I need to get to use my treo 700w in order to use it as a mobile modem for my laptop? I downloaded the trial version of pdanet but it keeps dropping the connection, then afterwards, the treo would not connect to the internet on its own either (after it's disconnected from the hotsync cable that connects it to the laptop) and I had to be on the phone with verizon customer service to hard reset my treo. I don't want to have to do it every time. HELP!

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