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    I set up Activesync within the last week or so and whenever I get a new email, it is pushed within a minute or two to my handheld, so that part is good. The problem I am having involves changes on the handheld. If I read a message, or delete a message on my handheld, these changes do not show up a long time on my desktop. Also, if I read a message on my desktop, it does not show up as read on the handheld for a long time either. It synced the changes after maybe an hour yesterday. Is this a setting somewhere? Anywhere ever seen this? Thank you.
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    I believe this is normal. My understanding is that the push only happens in one direction (i.e., server to device) and that only certain events are pushed (i.e., new mail as opposed to simply unread to read status changes). For example, if I delete mail on the device, I have to do a manual sync (or wait until a push sync is initiated because of an event on the server) to have the deleted mail updated on the server and desktop. Hopefully this makes sense.
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    Is this the way that yours works?

    I find it kind of interesting because the phone initiating a connection with the server was never difficult to do. We have been waiting for the push functionality and now that we have that, it can no longer do what it has always done and initiate a sync when a change is made on the phone?
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    The changes are made. What I have found which is different than Blackberry is that if you are on the phone or the web, Exchange and/or the phone forget they have changes. Only the next time you make a change will it incorporate that.
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    Ok... Well, my phone is not making changes at all? Any idea what could be going on with that? I dont see any settings anywhere that could be doing this.

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