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    I'm thinking of applying the new update from Palm, but I want to hear someone confirm that Orb still works for streaming live tv and tv recordings after applying the update...anyone tried this yet?
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    Works like a charm for me.
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    yup still working
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    i can never get my music to work all the time but it has nothing to do w/ the update...i think it's the settings and im too lazy to deal w/ it
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    well this is no good!! I applied the update and now it will no longer launch TCPMP from orb, even though I've made the reg hack so it's supposed to launch TCPMP instead of WMP. It will only spawn WMP and then it goes PAUSE when it plays.....

    I've had enough of this ORB fiddling, just when you get it to work something happens and another issue pops up...I think I'm going to get a Slingbox and forget about ORB....
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    ok I just changed in the TCPMP file associations options for .ASX and now it launches TCPMP and orb works!
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    The only difference i've noticed is that once I click a link and open WMP, no matter what, IE closes. To change songs or shows, I have to re-open IE, navigate all the way back to the folder that I want and scroll down to the right file. Does anyone else have this problem? Its pretty aggravating.

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