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    Well I am pretty sure this is new.
    Sometimes my boss screws up the schedual and I have to SMS all my bartenders and tell them to come in early for events. Its better to SMS them then call them and have them ***** and moan about having to come in an hour early. This way they dont cry to me on the phone and I can just delete there SMS =]

    Well before the update I could send to as many people as I wanted, I have done ones up to 30+ people. Well today that event happened again and I entered around 30 names and hit send. Well it came back with an error saying that I can only send a txt to a maximum of 10 people at a time. Any one else discovered this?

    Any one know how to over come this?

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    have ou ever tried 3jam?

    or read this article for more info:

    i think this should be even easier for you

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