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    Up by the Bluetooth symbol there is what looks like a sniper target. It is to adjust the Location Broadcast privacy options.

    What can this be used for. Are there any apps that can take advantage of this feature?

    I would love to be able to track the phone via a web based client hooked into Google Earth.

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    i havent heard of anything dealing with that, but that would be pretty darn cool.
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    I didn't see anything about the treo, but it looks like Verizon is launching a new service called Verizon Navigator soon. The article says it will be available for users with the Motorola v325 or the LG 9800 V phone.
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    If Verizon ever makes your location info available to 3rd parties you could use it to track the location of people.
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    Assuming you are refering to "Location Privacy" under Phone settings...?

    I decided to select "Location ON". As far as I know I'm not wanted for any crimes and presently I am not planning to commit any. It seemed it might be a good idea to activate this just in case I drive off a small "never traveled" country road late one night, or for what ever reason end up missing. At least then the authorities could trace my phone, and maybe find me... hopefully alive!

    Those of you with more "shady" lifestyles might want to make the "911 Only" selection.


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