okay, i should probably preface this by first saying that this is my first WM device and first treo, so i am new at these things. but, this messaging system on the treo 700w is driving me mad!

the problems, so far as i can tell:

i have added two email accounts for the treo to check for me. one being a pop3 account for gmail, the other being an imap for aol.

i cannot make the device automatically look for mail at 15 minute intervals! i know i am getting new mail, but it doesnt show up until i go to send/receive mail and manually check.

i also use apple's mail client for my mail use on my desktop and, seemingly, whenever it gets to a message on the gmail server first, my 700w wont see it as new on the server. i believe the aol account is doing the same.

so, my questions are as follows:

1. how can i make the treo automatically check for email? am i doing something radically wrong here? also, shouldnt i tell it to check via "the internet" as opposed to "work"?

2. isnt there any way to let messages appear as new on both my mac desktop via apple mail AND get them to appear as new on my treo?

any help with this would be much appreciated. thanks.