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    Ok Let me start off by saying the treo 700w is not my first phone nor my first PDA... However I would say even with the glitch of memory this device is a better PDA then phone. I am surprised with the poor call quality, as well as bluetooth integration. As posted ina previous post I have a problem occassionally where a person calls and I can hear them but they can't hear me. Also the quality of the call can sometimes be garbled or staticy.

    You would think with a phone this large it would have the best bluetooth (voice dialing included) of any phone. It seems to only work well with jabra and jabra-like headsets, and lacks any voice dial bluetooth program. I am actually considering returning this for a regular phone. Afterall I am paying a monthly fee for a phone.
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    Interesting. I find the call quality quite good, especially compared to my old 650.

    I had static BT static problems, but that was a result of the BT headsets. My current headset is pretty clear (H500).
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    In my personal experience, the 700w phone quality (sound/BT usability) is better than the i730, XV6600, Treo 650, Treo 600, Kyo 7135, Moto 720C, i600, Treo 300. It's not as good a phone as the Moto 270C.
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    This is the first blue tooth phone i've had, and I'll agree the combination I have of a treo 700w and a motorala h500 earpiece kind of sucks. The quality over the earpiece is always fuzzy and staticy. So much so, I've tried two different earpieces. (already on my 3rd treo)

    The voice quality when using the phone itself and when using a wired earpiece seems fine.
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    I would like to add one more posting as this was my first official posting on battery life. About a half hour of phone calls total today. Took phone off the charger at 9am, it is now 2am. Battery life 9%! That's not even close to 24 hours. Ps - I am using a Seidio 2400 mAh battery! I would hate to see what happens if I used the stock!
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    i think for a pda it kicksarse over my recently departed6700
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    The Treo 700w has better reception than almost any phone I've used in the last 16 years. It ties with the Kyocera 7135 in my world.

    However, over the last month, the reception has deteriorated so there may be a problem with the phone over time.

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