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    Ok since doing the update my windows media player and PIE are locking up running around 6-7mb and basically i need to soft reset if i want the app to work successfully.......this is really making me the app worked flawlessly before the update...
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    In version 1.02, the system starting closing open applications when free memory fell to around 2 MB. I believe that Palm raised that free memory threshold for closing applications to around 5MB with version 1.10. With the new higher threshold for closing apps with 1.10, IE and WMP probably do not have enough room to run which they did before the update.

    IMHO, the increase for closing applications from 2 MB? to 5 MB? was a very serious mistake by Palm that in reality eliminated the ability to multitask to any great extent. It also has caused push email to stop by closing ActiveSync without warning. If Palm had delivered the Treo 700w with 64 MB instead of 32 MB, then I could see the increase. When the average user is lucky if he or she has around 10 MB free before leaks, someone in Palm goofed.

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