Hey everyone. New poster here, but I donít know if you would call me a newbie. I have been around the 6600 before and now my third 700w. I think I am finally set up with one that is working correctly and I am enjoying it. Though there are many woes.

One thing I have searched high and low for is a step-by-step process for enabling the push option. I have the upgrade on the phone, so that is all set. My questions are as follows:

1. Is it possible to do this without Exchange? If so, what programs work?
2. What are the settings that need to be used on the computer? Are they in Activesync or within the program that is doing the push?

I have unlimited data and I formerly used the sms to shoot me a text when I had a message, but there is no longer a need for this.

I have been on other boards for a while now and I understand how these questions get shot down, but I guess I am looking for someone out of the kindness of their heart to either post here and help me out or to shoot me an email. I have followed all the instructions from Microsoft and from Treo on this, and still no luck. I hate knowing that there is more I can do with my phone and not being able to do it.

Thank you so much in advance. Take care