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    Ok i done the update and all seems well but memory isnt what it used to be...i WAS having no problems running apps before and now wmp and ie keep dragging and cutting off or locking up......i have about 6-7.5 mb of memory......and when i open wmp it leaves me with about 1.5mb of memory left.....same when running IE......and man it gets can i fix this issure as ive never had it before and im using the same apps running as before the is what i have installed on my treo whether running or not:

    Palm UpdInfo
    Phone Alarm
    Resco Pocket Radio
    SPB Weather
    Activekitten Chronos
    Socket Go Wi-Fi E300
    Socket Wi-Fi Companion
    Sprite Backup
    TCMP Player
    Resco Registry Add-in
    Tweaks 2K2
    SPB Arkaball
    Pocket TV
    SPB Imageer
    SPB Pocket Plus (yes i know this on is a memory hog, but ive never had any problems before)

    Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?....thanx
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    i hear ya. I'll list my apps as well later - i find a minimum 2-3 MB memory leak. Amazing that with this BS called "multitasking" on WM5 and the Treo 700w I can't even run TCPMP and open an Ectacto dictionary at the same time. Incredible. For all the Yahoos out there who aren't happy with my negative comments, what does it say when I had a Palm OS based Aeroplayer doing it's thing in the background while I could open up Paragon's dictionary on the Treo 650??!!!

    I also have the Socket WiFi card (does yours conk out and become unmanageable when it goes to sleep?), PDANet, the necessary Pocket Plus, MemMaid.
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    Funny I had the update for 2 weeks now with no problems. Infact the treo was working like a charm. But yesterday it got all messed up. While surfing on IE the thing slowed down to a halt. I had to soft reset to get it back. I had installed Picsel Viewer and Sprite BU into my SD card the night before so I thought that might be the problem. I uninstalled Picel first to see if all's well today. I'll let you know.

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