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    does anybody have this?
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    Lots of people have it. Those that do really seem to like it.

    You too can have it!!

    Click HERE
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    this is NOT a WM5 application, it's a Palm OS software, just so everyone is on the same page. This is not compatible with the Treo 700w.
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    So this sounds like it could be a good thing to have.

    But for certain things, like on speaker phone, the higher volume levels already make the speaker "vibrate" and pop. Does this make it worse?

    I like the disclaimer about hearing loss and speaker damage... 250X sounds like a lot...
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    wanted it fo free but thx
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    Why should you get it for free when everyone else has to pay for it?
    Do you deserve special compensation? Please, I'm sure we'd all like to understand..........
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    User reported to mods.

    Blatant software pirate/warez trader. Please review post history for user, inclusive of the "Will trade full version of Ringo Pro for Full Version of Volumecare".
    Check out the users post history.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yungskeeme
    wanted it fo free but thx
    Unfortunately for you that is not how it works..

    You are banned for a month, if you ask for warez again you are banned permanently..
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