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    Hello all -- my first post, but been trolling in here for a couple of weeks. Great forum and participants! I have a Treo 700W, now with 1.10 fw; great update, btw.

    Question: I'm an IT consultant and would like to test my 700 on several Exchange servers (using Activesync, of course). How do I completely clear the data (Contacts, Calendars, etc) without having to perform a hard reset each time?

    Maybe this has been discussed and pointed out before, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I think you are going to want to do the hard reset. I'm an IT guy too and when I was testing them I accidently got my calender combined with someone else's and it wasn't too fun. :-)

    If you delete the exchange partnership in activesync it erases all the data associated with it. You could try that.
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    Thanks, Live4spd! I was afraid you were going to say that. Do you mean delete the Exchange partnership in the desktop Activesync (not handheld Activesync), right? I'll try that and let you know, but it seems that a hard reset is the cleanest way so far, but I have to keep recreating my preferences each time. I just wish that Mobile Outlook behaves more like the desktop Outlook when it comes to resetting profiles.

    As you can tell, I'm still at the early stages of getting to know the innards of the Treo 700W.

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    If you've customized the Treo with lots of settings or 3rd-party apps, it's less of a headache to download the free Sprite backup from the Palm website and do a full restore after each trial. And if anything does go wrong and you have to hard reset anyway, you're not any worse off than you were before.
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    Excellent advise, Eric. I think that that would be the best way -- Sprite backup, play around with different settings, hard reset, then restore back from Sprite own settings.

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    Yea the Sprite backup works good for that. I use it to "clone" out a new treo.

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