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    I'm the IT guy at my company here. I've got about 15 treo 700w's. One of them I removed the Adobe Reader app, and installed the new Picsel viewer from palm. The application works fine, but the .pdf extension is not registered so it won't open a pdf out of the file explorer or email. If I open the Picsel viewer first then I can open the file.

    How can I change the file association in WM5? Palm and Verizon are both clueless. (figures)
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    There are several registry entries to add. It may be a lot of work for you on 15 Treos.

    1. Grab the free PHM Registry Editor (google it) and install on the Picsel Treo and on an Adobe one. Hit the Favorites folder and then "Files associations". If .pdf is registered for Adobe on one of the other 15 Treos, model the entries on the Picsel Treo to point to the Piscel executable instead of Adobe.

    2. You can try to create all of the entries yourself. You might be able to figure it out by modeling other entries (e.g. .mp3/MP3File, .mov/MOVFILE, .psw/pswfile).

    3. You can try PocketTweak (google it).

    4. You might do better to call VZW who will connect you to PALM and they might help you though getting the files registered. Or maybe not.

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