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    Is their a certain way to enter a telephone number in your calendar notes section and be able to later on tap the number and your telephone dails that number?

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    Boy that would be great! Used to be able to do that on my Kyocera 7135 "Palm OS" unit. I guess Mircrosoft just didn't figure on that one.

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    you're telling me. its truly the ONLY thing the blackberry has on the treo. I wish sombody would 3rd party a tool that does this.
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    Not that I know of......this has been a gripe for the last two gen of the OS and it still is not added.

    I am sure if someone was able to write an app that would enable this feature, they could make a small and modest fortune.
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    you can do that from an email or test message- they have made it one handed after the update

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