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    ActiveSync seems to always close when I use IE and then windows media player active sync seems to be closing to make room for memory but after that I can't recv any e-mail unless I constantally check to make sure it is running. Are there any tricks or ways to make the software work as a service to keep running and not close?? I spoke really highly of this to my company I would hate for them to consider this as a solution when our employees have to always check to make sure activesync is running, Any ideas please...
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    How do you have the preferences set up? I had it continuously sync when it was in the cradle. It always looked for updates and synced accordingly?
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    I have it set to sync as items arrive for both peak and off peak times, the internet connection will always re-establish however if the app isn't running in the running programs menu I will not recv any emails.?? any tricks to keep it running windows keeps closing it if i'm using IE and media player.
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    You got me...I didn't rely on my pc to put my emails on it.
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    that for the reply I do appreciate it, I did about three Resets today and now it seems to be staying active so I'm good again till a new glitch hehe..
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    Short Answer:
    Update 1.10 starts to close applications when memory is reduced to about 5 MB. Before the update, applications weren't closed by the system until memory reached about 2 MB. That is why ActiveSync and other apps close more frequently since the update. It is not IE or WMP that are closing ActiveSync, the closing is caused by the available memory falling below 5 MB. I experienced ActiveSync closing when using PocketBlogger when both IE and WMP were closed. It seems that the oldest running program is closed first, which in a lot of cases is ActiveSync. Don't know of anyway yet to keep ActiveSync sticky. Still researching.

    Long Answer from my blog:
    Installed the Treo 700w Updater 1.10, and everything advertised seems to be working fine, including push email. I will continue testing to ensure the push email feature works consistently. When I send an email to my public exchange server on from a POP account on a desktop or PDA, the email is pushed to the Treo 700w in about 20 seconds. I do not need the immediate email offered by this push feature; however, I did want to be familiar with the technology.

    One potential problem is the memory manager seems to start closing applications when available memory falls below about 5 MB. Before the update, the system started closing open applications when available memory fell to about 2 MB. If you use the push email feature, this could be a problem. ActiveSync needs to be open in order for push to work, and Outlook needs to be opened in order to read the mail. Email will still be pushed if Outlook is not open; an open ActiveSync is the critical component on the Treo 700w for push email. If you are using other applications on the Treo 700w which drop the available memory below 5 MB, Outlook and / or ActiveSync could be closed by the system without any warning or notice.

    I found on several occasions that the email I sent to the exchange server from another device was not received on the Treo 700w. When I checked, the available memory on the Treo 700w had fallen below 5 MB, and ActiveSync was closed by the system without any notice. This was not just a one time occurrence. Whenever my available memory fell below 5 MB, there was a good possibility that ActiveSync would be closed by the system without any notice. When I closed other applications on the Treo 700w to bring available memory above 5 MB, and restarted ActiveSync, push email worked great again. Of course, you need room to start Outlook if you wish to read the email that was pushed.

    Maybe an increase to the memory threshold for closing applications was necessary, however, on a device with very limited user memory available, it does not take many applications to reach the 5 MB limit. Maybe 3 MB would have been a better change. In addition to the potential for stopping push email without warning, one of the nice features of Windows Mobile, multitasking, is now limited by applications being closed as soon as the 5 MB limit is reached.
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    That's well written jimtravis.
    I'm frustrated as well that I can't multi-task any more since updating to 1.10.

    How do we let Palm/Verizon know our pain?
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    Jimtravis wow thank you that was a really good find. i'll keep a close eye on my memory iam already down to 6.57 meg free with no other applications running except for activesync (3 days so far without rebooting)

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