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    Hi guys,
    First of all, great forum.
    After trying to learn the tips and tricks of my new 700, I have uncovered problems with the voice support program that you may be able to help me with. First of all, while trying to access media files, particularly genre playlists that I have named 60's, 70's, 70's rock, 80's, 80's rock, rock, and dance just to name a few, I will say "PLAY 70's" at which point the system will not recognize my command (yes, I am speaking very clearly). I have also tried saying "PLAY GENRE" at which point the system says "which genre?" than proceeds to read out every playlist that I have sometimes in duplicate or even triplicate. IE, system reponds with "70's, 70's 70's, 70's rock, 70's rock, 80's, 80's, 80's rock, 80's rock, etc. Any thoughts or ideas on How to get around this issue?
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    Take a look at your tags in your mp3 files... Sounds like they are not consistant.

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