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    Has anyone else seen a problem trying to remove items from your Start menu? I have three items on mine, when I try to un-check them I get an error message "Unable to move that item".

    Do you have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

    Other than this, so far, this is the only problem I've seen with my 700W. I expected more, especially since I've used the Treo 600, then 650 and I'm running Goodlink (mem hog).
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    Use a registry editor and delete from
    \HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shell\Start Items
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    Are they programs that you deleted from the device? Use File Explorer (or the Explore function of Activesync) and go to Windows/Start Menu. From there you can manually delete the item from the Start Menu.
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    No, the programs hadn't been uninstalled. I just couldn't get rid of SMS, or a Goodlink shortcut. Problem solved, thanks for the quick response!

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